Boxing, the fitness industry’s best kept secret.

So the industry is finally catching on to what boxing trainers and fighters have known for generations. That boxing is one of the most comprehensive and effective forms of fitness training anywhere.

Many are now realizing that even if you have no interest in competitive boxing, the training methods are time-tested and proven ways to get in the best shape of your life.

Let’s examine the truth behind this:

Ideal physique

A typical boxer coincidentally has what many view as an “ideal physique”, which is athletic in appearance, not overly bulky, but lean and shredded.

Effective fat loss and muscle building

Training methods revolve around strength training as well as high-intensity interval training or “HIIT”. This mimics rounds of boxing where there is intense movement and exertion, punctuated by short rest periods. This is timed using an interval timer and audible beeps signal the start, transition, and end of the exercise. HIIT relies on bursts of high intensity exercises where you breathe heavily, followed by short periods of moderate intensity exercises where you are forced to recover quickly.

HIIT has huge benefits:

a) It is extremely effective in improving your anaerobic capacity. That’s the point where you are breathing hard and fast. HIIT allows you perform longer before you lose your breath, and also allows you to recover faster. This strengthens your heart and lungs, dramatically increasing stamina and athleticism.

b) You lose weight much faster than other methods (e.g. long slow runs). This is because HIIT keeps your metabolism burning at an elevated rate up to 24 hours after you leave the gym.

c) It’s more efficient. You can accomplish a full day’s worth of exercise in an hour or less.

d) Stimulates HGH (human growth hormone) production. You might have heard this term in the context of illegal performance enhancing drugs/steroids. Why not produce this stuff naturally and legally?

The training is fun

We all know how hard it is to stick to a fitness program when it’s hard work. I won’t sugar coat it, the training makes you sweat and work hard. However, the folks at these boxing classes genuinely enjoy it. How easy is it to remain disciplined, when you can’t wait to get to the gym?

“Real” vs. “perceived” athleticism

Boxing training is the difference between looking like you’re in shape, and actually being in shape. Too often, we see guys that do bicep curls and push-ups in their mother’s basements. All chest and arms. Not only are these guys afraid to take their shirts off in public and expose flabby mid-sections, but many are also terrified to do anything remotely athletic. Why? because when a guy who looks like he’s in shape, but is sucking wind while attempting something athletic, it’s embarrassing and can shatter an ego. Having size and bulk, even if it is solid muscle, means extra weight and huge strain on the lungs and heart. A lot of these big guys actually suffer from horrible cardio when compared to average sized guys. Boxing training increases strength, improves stamina, reduces pain and fatigue and the list goes on. Who doesn’t want to be a more active person, or let’s face it, a more confident lover?

Self defense

Everyone could use a little self-defense. Most of us try to avoid sticky situations, but wouldn’t you like the confidence of knowing you have an “edge” in times when you can’t avoid it.

Targets all muscle groups

A big misconception is that boxing only targets arms and upper body. Truth is, punching involves the entire body, especially the legs and core. Try watching any boxing match on TV or YouTube and notice how much force is being exerted by the feet, legs, hips and core. Having a ripped upper and lower body, with six pack abs is no coincidence. Boxers train ALL parts of their body, and boxing fitness programs do the same.

You can find boxing “inspired” classes at many commercial gyms led by part-time yoga or Zumba instructors. Those classes might suit their usual clientele just fine. At Primetime, training classes are led by Matt Thomas and Ian Vasquez. Two knowledgeable and battle-tested instructors that have applied their craft in the ring and can help you not only get in awesome shape, but also help sharpen your ass-kicking skills. For those interested in competing, coach and owner Greg Post trains and manages a winning team of pros and amateurs. He is a top trainer with years of knowledge and insights in the pro and amateur game.

Men and women of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy boxing fitness. If you have any health concerns, consult a medical professional before embarking on any strenuous exercise program.

Boxing fitness is not about marketing gimmicks and newfangled fitness trends. It’s old-school sensibility, new-school methodology and it gets noticeable results fast.

Stay tuned for our next article, where I break down the method to the madness behind the boxing classes at Primetime Personal Fitness and Boxing.

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Coach and Owner: Greg Post

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