Re-think how you approach fitness resolutions

The past couple of years have been challenging for many people. Fitness goals in particular have been tricky and some of us have struggled with the motivation to stay on track with them.

Perhaps this requires us to change how we approach our new year’s resolutions, so that we avoid repeating the same mistakes and create ones that actually stick. Here are a few tips to help create more effective resolutions.

1. Ask yourself “why”

Sure…we all want to be healthier (yadda yadda).

But really, ask yourself why you want to be healthier. Keep asking yourself why, until you get down to the true underlying reasons, even if they sound shallow or selfish. You can only succeed if you are honest with yourself about your motivating factors.

2. Set a start date

This is an important first step towards your resolutions. By setting a start date, you are encouraging some mental discipline.

3. Avoid making too many resolutions

Too many of them can needlessly complicate your efforts. Starting simple with a few good ones is a much easier way to ensure that you are concentrating your efforts.

4. Make them achievable and realistic

Some think the best approach is to go full throttle and get fast results. If you can do that, great! For the rest of us, we might benefit from a more longterm and sustainable approach. That way, it’s easier to start while staying motivated. Sometimes, this means giving yourelf a little wiggle room, or not focusing on hard numbers. After you’ve settled into a groove, feel free to revisit and augment your goals with specific targets & numbers.

5. Anticipate occasional setbacks

Life happens; emergencies, trips, work, kids etc. People sometimes abandon their resolutions after they’ve fallen off track for a while. Rather than feeling discouraged, accept that setbacks are bound to happen and try not to beat yourself up for missed workouts or falling off-track with your nutrition. Don’t focus on the guilt, but rather on getting back on track and picking up where you left off.

Starting a New Year’s resolution that encourages you to just get started, is sometimes all it takes to introduce some healthy habits. A proper mindset can help avoid pitfalls, and make your resolutions more sustainable without allowing temporary setbacks to discourage you.

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